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Base Oil Supplier

International Base Oil Supply Company

Nexolub was founded in 2008, but began operating independently as from 2011. Nexolub is born from an experience in the international trade of Base Oils of more than 20 years.

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Base Oils

Nexolub offers a wide and diverse range of Base Oils, from many different origins.

Group I Base Oils

Base Oils
Group I

  • SN80
  • SN100
  • SN150
  • SN400
  • SN500
  • SN600
  • SN1200
  • BS150
Group II Base Oils

Base Oils
Group II

  • 70N
  • 150N
  • 220N
  • 500N
  • 600N
Group III Base Oils

Base Oils
Group III

  • 4cSt


We work to develop the best supply strategy for each and every one of our customers:

Base Oil supply from any part of the World.

Base Oil Supply

Based on our market experience and the technical knowledge of our Paraffinic and Naphthenic Base Oils, we are always looking for the most convenient supply alternative for each and every one of our customers by optimizing on quality, pricing, logistics and financing.

Product Storage

Base Oil Storage

Nexolub stores Base Oils in dedicated storage tanks, with the intention to supply our medium term and long term local customers with the regularity and supply reliability that they deserve.

Product Transportation

Base Oil Pricing

Due to the always changing trade flow of Base Oils, we find new logistical opportunities all the time. This opportunities can relate to different means of transportation. It could be a specific Chemical Tanker in a good position to charter, it could be a new route for flexitanks or isotanks, or it could be fresh pricing for truck transportation.


Base Oil Supplier

We are well aware that it is not only about the quality of our product, or the reliability of our deliveries. Our ability to finance and our ability to mitigate the exposure to credit risk contribute in a big way to our capacity to deliver a better service. Nexolub enjoys today the trust and support of several of the biggest banks in Europe.


News about Nexolub and Base Oils, with pricing information, market news and other related items.